Friday, 6 November 2015

MAC Oh Darling! - Dupes

We've all seen it on Instagram, we've all read the hype about it and we have certainly lusted over it, and yesterday it finally arrived in stores. The winner of Whisper of Gilts crown, Oh Darling!

So I know my last post was all about highlighters, and I did have another post planned before I did this one but after being so happy and appreciative of managing to get my hands on this product, I saw tonight that Oh Darling is now being sold on for up to three or four times the price online. This kind of thing is so upsetting for the people who desperately wanted this beautiful product for themselves and to give as gifts to loved ones for Christmas, and as someone who is a big makeup collector, I know how disappointing it can be, so this post is for you guys who didn't manage to buy Oh Darling before it sold out.

Don't worry my glowy princesses, I've got your backs.

MAC - Oh Darling!

Time for the dupes -

The top highlight is Oh Darling!

The bottom two are two highlighters I have picked out for you to try if you didnt manage to buy it. The middle highlight is 'Opal' Shimmering Skin Perfector from BECCA Cosmetics. She's a little bit cooler/slightly pinkier than Oh Darling but she's something special. I normally wear Opal on a daily basis and she is beautiful. Just as glittery, just as metallic, just slightly different in colour. This would be perfect on Fair to Medium skin tones.

The bottom highlight is 'So Hollywood' from Anastasia Beverly Hills. Honestly, colour wise she is near enough identical to Oh Darling! Both golden, both beautiful. She just differs slightly in formula. Whilst Oh Darling! is very metallic and feels creamy to the touch, I find that So Hollywood is less metallic and slightly more glittery and feels slightly more powdery. But I would say this this is near enough a perfect dupe. I find that golden highlights work better on Light to Darker skin tones. Opal or something like Moonstone from BECCA Cosmetics would work better for Fair skin types.

Becca 'Opal' (and Moonstone) is available to order here

If Opal is currently unavailable online, you can also purchase it from Space NK stores.

Anastasia Beverly Hills 'So Hollywood' is availble to order here
(She goes out of stock a lot, but a waiting list is available)

- Belle xo


Tuesday, 3 November 2015

My New Favourite Highlight + Extreme Highlight tips!

Okay so if you're like me and you're a complete and utter die hard highlighter hoarder then you absolutely 110% need this beautiful illuminator from Anastasia Beverly Hills. I have been testing this out since I received it last Monday and oh god, I am so in love. It's such a beautiful glittering gold and it reflects light like you would not believe. I am usually a ride or die Becca Highlighter girl but this is just as amazing, I'm so excited to try the others in Anastasia's range, I haven't even opened them yet from being so excited over this one.

So Hollywood is probably the first ever true gold highlighter I have used. I usually go for more silvery or peachy shades so I was really excited to try this out. (Good tip - If you have Becca X Jaclyn Hill Champagne Pop, this mixed with it is a dream highlight!)

This highlighter is available to purchase from Anastasia's website or if you're from the UK, Cult Beauty now stock So Hollywood along with the other Illuminator shades - Click here.

With Flash -

Without Flash -

I get asked a lot about highlighters and how to get your highlight looking more extreme on Instagram.   So here are some tips -

1. Use a great brush. My favourite brush for applying my highlight is the 105 Luxe Highlight Brush from Zoeva. To intensify the highlight in smaller areas I use a MAC 224 blending brush.

2. Don't just apply your highlighter to your cheekbones. I place mine on my brow bone, the tip of my nose and I pack it onto my cupids bow!

3. Don't be scared to go crazy when putting it on. When I say I pack it on, I pack it on. Who said you can't wear too much highlight?

4. Fix+ Spray from MAC is GREAT to mist over your highlight to intensify it. I spritz it at arms length all over my face when I am done applying. Fix+ is also a great product for helping powder to sink into the skin, so if you do go nuts when applying the Fix+ will settle the powder for you and help it shine!

Hope these little mini tips help! Happy highlighting. Shine bright!
- Belle xo
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