Monday, 26 October 2015

New in - MAC Eyeshadows

So I decided this week that my daily eyeshadow palette was looking a little neglected and needed some new additons. My MAC eyeshadow palette by far has to be my most favourite and most used palette of all time. If you're like me and you take choosing eyeshadows as seriously as I do then you will understand that there really is something so special about creating your own palette because every single colour has been specially chosen. I always find that whenever I buy pre made palettes there are normally about 3 or 4 colours I neglect entirely and wish I could change. This is the beauty of building your own, colour by colour, you'll never get bored of the shades that you choose.
I first started building my MAC eyeshadow collection way, way before I started working for the company and I can honestly say they are one of my favourite formulas of eyeshadow, ever. MAC shadows are so pigmented and so blendable and I have never gotten bored of the colours I already own. Even when I have to look at them so much at work! However I definitely needed to expand my horizons a little as I normally always dive straight for the same colours over and over. Swiss Chocolate and Folie, I'm looking at you...
I'm really into my matte colours at the moment and I've noticed that a lot of my current eyeshadows are shimmers or glitter formulas so I thought I would add more matte shades into the mix. These are beautiful every day colours and great to use as a base or in the crease. Nylon is an amazing shimmer shade I've been meaning to buy forever for highlighting the inner corner and the brow bone, I can't believe it's taken me this long to buy it along with Texture to be honest. Texture is such an amazing transitional shade with the tiniest flecks of gold in it, but I think I've been so ridiculously attached to Uninterrupted I've neglected buying it for so long, but now Uninterrupted has been discontinued (and broken my heart in the process) I desperately needed to fall in love with another warm crease colour. 

I'll be creating some new eye looks with these over the next few weeks so keep an eye out for those and let me know if theres any shades you would like tutorials on, I would love to take some requests! 

- Belle xo

Colours and Formula - 

Nylon - Frost

Blanc Type - Matte2

Malt - Matte

Espresso - Matte

Texture - Velvet

Kid - Veluxe


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